Thursday, May 23, 2013


Former Provident Asset Management wholesalers Charles Tuttle Mason aka Chip Mason and Darren Duane Gibson consented to the entry of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) findings that while employed as wholesalers at Provident Asset Management, they actively promoted Shale Royalties, a series of private placement oil and gas offerings, through Provident Royalties, a non-registered entity, to retail broker-dealers through sales presentations and marketing materials. The findings stated that Mr. Gibson secured selling agreements from retail broker-dealers, who raised more than $300 million from investors. Mr. Gibson earned a total of $2,930,000 for his efforts. The findings also stated that Mr. Mason secured selling agreements from broker-dealers, who raised more than $132 million from investors. Mr. Gibson earned $1,500,000 for his efforts. In addition, FINRA's findings included that Mr. Mason and Mr. Gibson provided the retail brokers with sales and marketing materials and product training, which were used to encourage individual investors to purchase the offering.
Due diligence requires a reasonable investigation of all material facts before entering into an agreement or transaction with another person or entity. It is a measure taken to prevent unnecessary harm to an innocent party. The measure would require an entity offering and selling a security to analyze the legitimacy, nature, and risks associated with the product.
In this case, Mr. Mason and Mr. Gibson read most of the third-party due diligence reports pertaining to the Shale Royalties offerings. However, many of the reports raised concerns about the accounting of inter-offering transactions and the ability of the offerings to generate sufficient revenue from oil and gas investments. Mr. Mason and Mr. Gibson, though aware of the concerns raised in the due diligence reports, continued to actively market the offerings without having adequately investigated such concerns and determining whether the offerings were suitable for investors.
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