Sunday, October 20, 2013


Alternative bond funds, which are typically touted as strategic-income funds, have been marketed to financial advisers or stockbrokers as a way to avoid the risk of rising interest rates, which concerns bond or fixed income investors. Most alternative bond funds, however, were unable to live up to that potential.

Generally, alternative bond funds have the ability to sell short and invest across a variety of markets in order to lessen the blow of rising rates, but those strategies came up short as the 10-year Treasury's yield shot up 46 basis points in May 2013. On average, the funds finished the month with a 0.46% loss. The largest alternative bond fund, the $26 billion Pimco Unconstrained Bond Fund (PUBAX), lost 0.54%, which was worse than the category's average.

Recent interest rate movements were the first real test for alternative bond funds, and the results were unremarkable. Nadia Papagiannis, a Morningstar Inc. mutual fund analyst, said "the reason for the one-month performance woes essentially boils down to the managers not being hedged against rising rates - the funds are basically long credit with the option to hedge." Ms. Papagiannis added that "most of the time, they're not hedged." So, what advisers in these funds are betting on is that the managers will be able to time the market when it comes time to hedge. "That's hard to do," Ms. Papagiannis said.

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